Some help with broadcasts through a Linux system

David Collier-Brown davecb at
Thu Oct 7 14:32:26 GMT 1999

Richard Sharpe <sharpe at> wrote in SAMBA-TECHNICAL digest 870
> with respect to directed broadcasts (subnet directed broadcasts), I have
> now determined that Linux does not allow them.
> The code is in linux/net/ipv4/ip_input.c.  All broadcasts are dropped when
> it comes time to check forwarding.
> I have a hacked up version that allows directed broadcasts that I will be
> testing soon so I can check out remote announce stuff ...

	The issue affects the documentation of remote
	announce, and at least remote browse sync,  
	several of which already warns that some folks
	don't allow directed broadcast: unless the
	Linux folks wish to fix this, we'd best
	warn that Linux, a heavily used system, doesn't
	permit this.

	This will, in principle, affect all the Samba
	books, too, when they come up for update...

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