vote / opinions required on rpcclient

Tim Potter Tim.Potter at
Sun Nov 28 03:10:36 GMT 1999

Greg Dickie writes:

> errr... please no! IMHO you have 2 kinds of people using samba: The UNIX guys
> who don't know (and don't want to know) NT, and vice-versa. I think rpcclient
> appeals to the UNIX sysadmin types. 
> Could you not just create a bunch of scripts or aliases that would
> give you those NT commandsbut use rpcclient under the covers? That
> would make everybody happy, unless you want to put the WIN32 windows
> in there ;-(

You could always do the check the name of argv[0] and have the
executable behave differently depending on the name it was invoked as
trick.  Not sure how portable this is though.


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