[Q] Downloading printer driver for Win2k?

Alexander Kruchkoff akruchko at cisco.com
Fri Nov 26 04:33:20 GMT 1999

I'm setting a printer on samba 2.0.5a under red hat 6.1
In win95 I can download printer drivers.
But there is a problem with win2k.
The printer name is recognized by win2k box, but drivers are not
The error msg:

The Server on which the `HP LaserJet 5/5M PostScript' printer resides
does not have the correct printer driver installed.

And then the box offers to install driver on your local computer.

>From Windows 2000 Printer Test Page I took
driver name: pscript5.dll,
data file: hplj5m_4.ppd
config file: ps5ui.dll
help file: pscript.hlp
and additional file used by that driver: pscript.ntf

And put all those files into `printer driver location'
The following line (I've splitted it by ':") is from my printer driver

HP LaserJet 5/5M PostScript:
PostScript Language Monitor:

The following info is from the log:

[1999/11/26 14:54:05, 3] smbd/ipc.c:api_reply(3416)
  Got API command 70 of form <zWrLh> <zWWWWzzzzWWzzl>
[1999/11/26 14:54:05, 3] smbd/ipc.c:api_reply(3420)
  Doing DosPrintQGetInfo
[1999/11/26 14:54:05, 3] smbd/ipc.c:api_DosPrintQGetInfo(823)
  PrintQueue uLevel=3 name=w2k
................................................(for win95 uLevel was
[1999/11/26 14:54:05, 3] printing/printing.c:get_printqueue(1004)
  Using cached lpq output
[1999/11/26 14:54:05, 3] smbd/process.c:process_smb(615)
  Transaction 5 of length 96
[1999/11/26 14:54:05, 3] smbd/process.c:switch_message(448)
  switch message SMBntcreateX (pid 2677)
[1999/11/26 14:54:05, 3] smbd/error.c:error_packet(138)
  error packet at line 535 cmd=162 (SMBntcreateX) eclass=2 ecode=4
[1999/11/26 14:55:05, 3] lib/doscalls.c:dos_ChDir(336)
  dos_ChDir to /usr/local/ciscolp/test/drivers
[1999/11/26 14:55:08, 3] smbd/process.c:process_smb(615)
  Transaction 6 of length 39
[1999/11/26 14:55:08, 3] smbd/process.c:switch_message(448)
  switch message SMBtdis (pid 2677)
[1999/11/26 14:55:08, 3] smbd/service.c:close_cnum(557)
  <NetBIOS client name> (<IP addr>) closed connection to service IPC$

Any help or idea would be greatly appreciated

Thank you


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