Giving DNS priority for WINS server

Peter Polkinghorne Peter.Polkinghorne at
Mon Nov 15 17:03:31 GMT 1999

Idea: Give DNS names priority over WINS names for types 0 & 0x20, but fall
back to WINS if nothing in DNS.

Motivation:  we have 4 sites & a WINS server on each site.  DNS is replicated
across the sites, but WINS is not.  Giving DNS priority helps the replication
and also prevents DoS attacks and gives us greater control over the namespace.
All our Samba servers have same Netbios & DNS names - not true for
everyone I realise.

Code: I made a simple first stab (using 2.0.3 codebase, but having just looked
at 2.0.6, there seems to be no change).  This just put the call to
queue_dns_query() in nmbd_winsserver.c earlier in wins_process_name_query_reque
This however merely replaced WINS with DNS.  Having examined asyncdns.c,
it seems quite a lot more baggage would have to be passed down to enable
WINS fallback.

Before I devote more time to this, I thought "pause & ask",

is this a good idea?

would people find a say "dns wins" parameter (pun intentional) useful?

have I understood the code aright?


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