Changing password from Win98 doesn't work with plain text passwords enabled

Andreas Hasenack unixach at
Sun Nov 14 19:38:27 GMT 1999

Folks, please help...

I got Samba 2.0.5a running fine on a RH6.1 system and a Win98 client. I have
applied the Win98 registry thing to enable plain text passwords, and
smb.conf has a "encrypt passwords = no" in it. It works. I have also enabled
domain logons and a small login script, and that works too.

I sniffed the network and saw the passwords in clear text during the login

Now, what I *can't* do is change my samba password (in fact, the linux
password, since encryption is disabled) from the windows box either using
the control panel or "net password" DOS command. In both cases, samba's logs
show that it's trying to open the /etc/smbpasswd file.
Sniffing the network, I can also see some interesting things: while the "net
password" DOS command does indeed send both passwords in clear text (but
complains about an error 86 after that), the control panel method does not:
it sends what I believe are encrypted passwords, because I cannot see my
password anywhere in the captured packets and the packets are much larger.

So, what I want to know is if there is way to use windows' methods (namely,
control panel) to change a user's password in Samba while using plain text
passwords? What am I missing?

Oh, by the way, using encrypted passwords I can change my Samba password
from within windows' control panel.

Sorry I'm posting to both lists.

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