Samba2.0.5a and Access97?

Ryan Waldron rew at
Tue Nov 9 22:16:26 GMT 1999

At 04:51 AM 7/19/99 +1000, Troels Arvin wrote:
>I'm still having problems finding a good way to accommodate multiple
>simultanious Access users, but I believe that this is an Access issue.

I know this is old, and it's probably answered somewhere that's obvious to 
everyone but me, but I can't find it.

Is there a known problem with multiple Access97 users sharing a single 
database file on Samba?  Is there a workaround?

I've got a user desperately trying to replace NT as their office file 
server, but Access is very important to the stuff they do.  One user can 
open up the database (on the Samba server) just fine, but the second and 
subsequent users get an error from Access indicating that the file is 
already in use.  I've had him upgrade to 2.0.5a, and he still gets the same 

I'm stumped, and I'm hoping that it's either:

1) Something hopelessly stupid that I've missed, or

2) Something that's known as a problem and will be fixed sometime (2.0.6? ) 

Thanks for any insight you can offer.

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