LDAP and Samba...

Todd Piket tcpiket at mtu.edu
Mon Nov 8 13:45:38 GMT 1999

Alright folks,

	I've waited a little over a week and no reply.  Either this is not a
hot issue with you all or no one is taking me seriously.  Either way due
to the lack of response I am going to assume that no one is doing a
whole lot of devel in the LDAP arena so I'm going to go ahead and do
it.  Due to my needs for separate authorization, I will probably
abstract the authorization methods out of the authentication methods. 
This should allow for easier introduction of new authorization
mechanisms anyway.  Post questions or comments to the list or send
directly to the email address below.

	Suggestions are welcome and appreciated.


Todd Piket
Email:  tcpiket at mtu.edu
Phone:  (906) 487-1720

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