LDAP support sucks big time

Piet Ruyssinck Piet.Ruyssinck at rug.ac.be
Mon May 31 08:33:22 GMT 1999


I just subscribed to this mailing list primarily as a means to vent my
frustration regarding the so called LDAP support in the samba-2.0.4b
source tree.  This 'code' is a big joke, full of syntax errors even.
It is completely unuseable and had better been removed from the

Since I badly need LDAP support, the only thing I can do is rewrite the
code myself.  I was wondering if the 'API' by which the 'modules' in
samba-2.0.4b/source/passdb are plugged into the rest of the code is a
static one or whether it is still being changed from release to release
?  It would be nice to know that I don't have to revise my code with
every new release of Samba.  And while I'm on the topic, there wouldn't
happen to be a document available describing this API, would it ?

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