LDAP support sucks big time

Matt Chapman matty at samba.org
Mon May 31 10:52:15 GMT 1999

Piet Ruyssinck wrote:
> I just subscribed to this mailing list primarily as a means to vent my
> frustration regarding the so called LDAP support in the samba-2.0.4b
> source tree.  This 'code' is a big joke, full of syntax errors even.
> It is completely unuseable and had better been removed from the
> distribution.

This is not the right place for this. The Samba developers contribute
a great deal of time and effort to the project, often without anything
in return. If you see bugs in the distribution, then by all means
report them (ideally with fixes). If you want to contribute code,
that's even better. If you just want to vent your frustration, go bang
your head against a tree.

In any case I've changed the configure script in the 2.0 series so
./configure --with-ldap returns an error message ("LDAP password
database not supported in this version").

> Since I badly need LDAP support, the only thing I can do is rewrite the
> code myself.

Or you could try the 2.1-prealpha code, which has some LDAP support (I
appreciate it's fairly confusing to set up - improvements are on my
todo list). See http://www.samba.org/cvs.html for information on how
to fetch this via CVS. This is indeed dynamic prealpha code but many
people are using it successfully.

> I was wondering if the 'API' by which the 'modules' in
> samba-2.0.4b/source/passdb are plugged into the rest of the code is a
> static one or whether it is still being changed from release to release
> ?  It would be nice to know that I don't have to revise my code with
> every new release of Samba.  And while I'm on the topic, there wouldn't
> happen to be a document available describing this API, would it ?

It's still being changed periodically, as the need for more features
emerges. I'm currently playing with a more flexible and efficient API
which will overcome this problem; that's still a couple of months from
maturity though.

Good luck.


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