cnv_lang in smbmount

Johan Thelmén jth at
Fri May 28 22:09:13 GMT 1999


I'm trying to get the right filenames out of smbmount.
Right now there is no conversion from dos_to_unix.  å ä ö become ~^F ~^D ~^T instead.
Now how do we correct this?
Where do I have to look in the source?

smbclient don't have the same problem with listing of files, but then you get the files. This is easy to resolve with a CNV_LANG(lname) in or before sys_open (line 659 in client.c).

And yes this is maybe not the right place but in the Samba204b /README-smbmount it says that mike temporary take care of this.

<local mike at mike at 60001>: user "mike" doesn't exist

TIA Johan Thelmén

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