some doubts about samba code

Hernan Ochoa soporte at
Wed May 26 21:33:51 GMT 1999


i'm working with the source code of samba 1.9.18p10

i was just looking at some tcpdump-smb dumps and debug information i added in the source code to visualize the challenge value and the encrypted challenge values.

but i have some doubts.

in the tcpdump-smb dump of the SMBsesssetupX request i can only see the nonce encrypted
using the LM hash, but the nonce encrypted with the MD4 hash isn't there.
why is that? 

the dialect selected betwen smbd and smbclient is dialect 7, that is NT lanman 1.0 (NT1).
so why the nonce encrypted with the md4 hash hasn't been send? shouldn't it be there?

it isn't even in the code,because i can only see a SMBencrypt call, and not a SMBNTencrypt

i must be missing something, thanks in advance for your help.

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