Generatig Encrypted smbpasswd file

Greg Dickie greg at
Tue May 4 16:41:24 GMT 1999

Or, you give the machine a dual personality: one with update encrypted and the
other with encrypted passwords. Then, each user only needs to visit the update
encrypted resource once.


On 04-May-99 Herb Lewis wrote:
> Sam Mbir-Bondzie wrote:
>> I would therefore be glad if anyone out there could help me with an
>> easier way of generating the encrypted smbpasswd from either the
>> /etc/passwd or /etc/shadow password file without the 32X's but the
>> actual
>> encrypted smbpasswd file.
> As already mentioned, there is no way to do this. You might want to 
> look at the "update encrypted" parameter. This allows you to start
> with plaintext passwords. As each user logs in, the smbpasswd file
> is updated. After a period of time (to give each user time to log in
> at least once) you then enable encrypted passwords. 
> This is a somewhat "painless" way except that you start by using
> plaintext passwords.
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