generalising source of smb.conf

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The idea was to very simply allow alternate methods for accessing Samba 
configuration data without breaking any existing code.  The read method 
for a standard file path would simply return the path to the file.  
However if someone wanted to say write an executable smb.conf generator 
they could simple write a module, say

and use 

include execonf://import/%m/ 

within a standard smb.conf

Nigel Williams

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Just a quick note--

 Include files are probably one of the more powerful aspects of
Samba--I'd venture to say conditional includes are my single favorite
feature of it, far outweighing its speed(how often is a server hammered 
maximum capacity?).

 Any system we design for LDAP access, or indeed any forms of
access, should take this into account.  We really *can* do the 
when it comes to Includes--SWAT's ignorance of them is problematic, and
LDAP access in the design phase should accept this.

Yours Truly,

 Dan Kaminsky
 DoxPara Research

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