2.0.3 HANGS my NT 4.0 SP3

David Collier-Brown davecb at canada.sun.com
Mon Mar 15 13:04:41 GMT 1999

A L Palacios wrote:
> (tried comp.protocols.smb for a week; no luck)

	I didn't see the message in Toronto: news may
	not have made it... I've cc'd this to both the samba list 
	and the technical list to which you sent it.
> Testing 2.0.3 using HP-UX 10.20 (netbios name = plpkg02)...
> Everythings works GREAT except when showing "Properties" for a Network
> Drive on my NT4.0 which is mapped to my SAMBA Server...
> Right-clicking on NT
>         "My Computer"->"palacios on 'plpkg02'(H:)"->"Properties"
> shows
>         "General" description (like 1.9.18p10) AND
>         "Security" (a true NTFS feature? new??)
> PROBLEM: if I click on "Permissions" or "Auditing" or "Ownership"
> under "Security" it HANGS my NT...

	You may want to turn off
		NT Pipe support
		NT SMB Support -- the most likely
		NT Pipe support
	and see if one of these removes the hang.

	The developers may want to see a packet capture, as I've
	not seen this reporetd before.

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