nmbd & netbios name -> many addreses

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at switchboard.net
Fri Mar 12 06:31:26 GMT 1999

> I think this is all semantics,

that's why i replied privately :)

> because we seem to agree on the mechanisms
> and the separation of the protocols.

ok, now _i_ know you know :-)

> >From the point of view of the NetBIOS system (and we'll ignore the
> mulitple virtual LANAs that NT uses--thanks to John T for explaining that
> bit of bloop), there is no NBNS, no routing, no IP addresses.  It only
> knows NetBIOS names.

... and the separation is done very poorly.  a multi-homed nt machine
actually receives MULTIPLE requests and goes "argh, a duplicate name
exists on the network, ERROR, can't browse that workgroup!" when in _fact_
it's receiving its own response, but from another subnet!!!!!

peter, this could possibly be part of the problem, not samba.

> The LAN on which those names exist is "created" by
> the local broadcast name resolution system and the NBNS server.  It's that
> level in between the TCP/UDP/IP protocols and the NetBIOS protocols--the
> level at which NBNS exists--that I'm calling an emulation.

> I do think we're in sync here.


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