nmbd & netbios name -> many addreses

Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Fri Mar 12 06:07:12 GMT 1999

> the ip layer knows absolutely nothing about the netbios layer.  the
> services provided by the netbios layer are real not imaginary.  if they
> were fake / imaginary then i would agree with you about emulation.  no-one
> uses "real" NetBIOS any more.
> ok, a better word is "tunneling".  ip "tunnels" netbios, just like ipx/spx
> can be tunnelled over tcp/ip by netware.

I think this is all semantics, because we seem to agree on the mechanisms
and the separation of the protocols.  In my mind, it's the whole RFC
1001/1002 system that emulates the NetBIOS LAN.  That system, the one
described in the RFC, uses IP as a transport, that's all. 

>From the point of view of the NetBIOS system (and we'll ignore the
mulitple virtual LANAs that NT uses--thanks to John T for explaining that
bit of bloop), there is no NBNS, no routing, no IP addresses.  It only
knows NetBIOS names.  The LAN on which those names exist is "created" by
the local broadcast name resolution system and the NBNS server.  It's that
level in between the TCP/UDP/IP protocols and the NetBIOS protocols--the
level at which NBNS exists--that I'm calling an emulation.

I do think we're in sync here.

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