Krishna Kishore kishore at
Thu Mar 11 09:44:06 GMT 1999


In my SMB client application  I am using LANMAN1.0 dialect for connecting
to a WIN95  machine. 

In LANMAN1.0 document(SMB File Sharing Protocol Extensions Version
2.0/Document Version 3.3)  and in  CIFS/1.0 document it  is written:

"If the server gets a SMB_COM_SESSION_SETUP_ANDX request with VcNumber of 0
and other VCs are still connected to that client, they will be aborted thus
freeing any resources held by the server.  This condition could occur if
the client was rebooted and reconnected to the server before the transport
level had informed the server of the previous VC termination."

In SESSION SETUP and X  request  to WIN95  I  kept smb_vc_num as 0,the
request and subsequent "TREE CONNECT and X" are succeeding but other VCs
still connected to the client are not getting aborted.

Why Win95 SMB server is not closing other VCs as has been mentioned in
LANMAN 1.0 dialect specification?

What is going wrong?

Waiting for response,
Krishna Kishore. 

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