Need access to an HP 10.20 system for Samba mods

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Fri Mar 5 00:28:58 GMT 1999


I am going to be doing some work on Samba which will all be GPL'd. I need
access to a bunch of systems, and the remaining style I need access to is
HP-UX 10.20.

I will be developing on Linux and then porting to the other targets (DU
4.0x, IRIX 6.2+, Solaris 2.5.1+, HP-UX 10.20).

Could anyone who can provide a short amount of access please contact me. 

Please consider the following though:

  1. I will be loading and compiling strong crypto software, including OpenSSL
     and Kerberos 5! I am an Australian resident and citizen, so anyone from 
     the US who has such a machine should probably decline.

  2. I will be loading Samba 2.0.3+ and compiling it up.

  3. I wil be loading SPM and compiling it.

Richard Sharpe, sharpe at, NIC-Handle:RJS96
NS Computer Software and Services P/L, 
Ph: +61-8-8281-0063, FAX: +61-8-8250-2080, 
Samba (Team member), Linux, Apache, Digital UNIX, AIX, C, ...

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