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Thanks, Volker.

I'm moving this discussion to samba-tech...

> The client searches for workgroup<1d> by broadcast, a unique name that
> exists in every subnet. So it is never registered with wins, as this
> would only allow exactly one lmb per workgroup.

It may get replies from the LMB and from backup master browsers on the
LAN.  Does it simply take the first one it gets, or is there a formula? 

Also, if the DMB is on the local LAN, does it do the job of LMB as well 
or do the two interact as if the DMB were remote.

> And now I have a question (Maybe better for samba-technical?).. How
> does the client get the netbios name of the lmb?

There are two things that come to mind here.  First, there's the 
..__MSBROWSE__. name.  Second, the client workstation already knows the 
name of the workgroup it's in, so it can broadcast for workgroup<1d>.

> Node status request?  Does every browser-capable server answer these?

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