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Volker Lendecke Volker.Lendecke at SerNet.DE
Thu Mar 4 16:21:23 GMT 1999


Christopher R. Hertel writes:

 > It may get replies from the LMB and from backup master browsers on the
 > LAN.  Does it simply take the first one it gets, or is there a formula? 

Andrew answered:

> > And now I have a question (Maybe better for samba-technical?).. How
> > does the client get the netbios name of the lmb? Node status request?
> > Does every browser-capable server answer these?
> Under the MS model it doesn't need the netbios name of the LMB!
> Instead MS clients do a "get backup list request" to the LMB name and
> that returns a list of netbios names that are BMBs (backup master
> browsers). This list usually includes the LMB netbios name, but it
> doesn't have to. The client then picks one. 

Ok. For me this means: Look up workgroup<1d>, and get the list of
backup browsers by the get backup list request. My problem was that to
set up a netbios session, the name of the target must be known. I
thought that the client directly has to set up a connection to the
lmb's ipc$ share to do the NetServerEnum call. To do this, it needs
the name of the server (or could you establish a netbios session to
workgroup<1d>?). The get backup list request is a datagram sent to
workgroup<1d>. The answer contains netbios names that the client can
connect to.


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