New param "source environment"?

Tim Potter Tim.Potter at
Fri Jul 23 00:19:35 GMT 1999

Jeremy Allison writes:

> Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:
> > doesn't matter: libraries are exempt.  if you can write up a vfs module
> > with the arguments you suggest that runs dynamically, and thereby runs
> > trendmicro's anti-virus software, for example, that would be great.
> Luke, you are incorrect. Please don't say that.
> Just to be very clear here - libraries are *NOT* exempt. 

Check out gnu.misc.discuss for your daily dose of GPL interpretation
fun.  There was a recent thread on "condomization" to avoid infecting
other programs with the GPL by putting a network or ipc server, or
other wrapper between the GPL library and another piece of code.

If there was a command line version of the trendmicro virus software,
it should be possible to implement a on-access scanner by intercepting
each open() and close() command using samba-fu and running the command
line virus checker over each file.

> We would have to give a special dispensation for vfs libraries
> in order for this to work.

That's certainly possible.  There are numerous exceptions to the
strict interpretation of the GPL for various pieces of software -
bison, guile, linux kernel modules.


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> 	Jeremy Allison,
> 	Samba Team.

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