Where to get "IBM PC Network Technical Reference Manual"

Christopher R. Hertel crh at nts.umn.edu
Wed Jul 21 18:07:35 GMT 1999

Some good references regarding NetBEUI and NetBIOS:

see also:

Highly recommended.

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> Steven Yuan enscribed thusly:
> > Hi everyone:
> >   I would like to implement Netbeui into Linux, 
> > however I could not get the detail specification of
> > Netbeui. 
> >   Does anyone know where I could get "IBM PC Network
> > Technical Reference Manual", No. 6322916, First Edition, September 1984
> > ? 
> 	I use to have a copy of that manual.  I'm afraid it's not likely
> to contain what you are looking for.  That's the early manual in the blue
> slip jacket and contained various netbios "ncb" level, int 5c and int 2a
> calls and ncb structure definitions but nothing about wire level packet
> structures and information.  There was another manual in a grey slip
> cover that covered the SMB level (the next layer up) which I didn't have.
> 	This is the book that Tridge, Jeremy, Luke, and I were discussing
> at the last CIFS conference when we were discussing the original meaning
> and use of the "Scope" name.
> 	Wish like hell I could find that darn thing.  It's buried deep in
> a box of old books somewhere!

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