Install NT 4.0 Printer Driver from SAMBA Server

Stefan Höchstetter (gmx) Stefan.Hoechstetter at
Thu Jul 15 14:18:49 GMT 1999


it's possible to install a printer driver for Win95 Clients from a SAMBA
server from print$
after (or while) connecting to the shared printer, I know. The documentation
says, that only Win95/98 is supported.
Could anyone tell me why this feature is not usable for NT clients, please.
Is the protocol, the two windows versions use, so different, or is it the
way in which the files must be offered.
Is there any intention to offer this feature in a future release of SAMBA or
is it possible
to solve it by myself.

Thanks for any reply,

Stefan Hoechstetter
Software Engineer
Stefan.Hoechstetter at

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