Install NT 4.0 Printer Driver from SAMBA Server

Greg Dickie greg at
Thu Jul 15 14:44:18 GMT 1999

The 2 protocls are quite different but there is support in the CVS 2.1 prealpha
version for SPOOLSS (NT printing) although it's not perfect yet (sorry JF ;-)


On 15-Jul-99 Stefan Hvchstetter (gmx) wrote:
> Hi,
> it's possible to install a printer driver for Win95 Clients from a SAMBA
> server from print$
> after (or while) connecting to the shared printer, I know. The documentation
> says, that only Win95/98 is supported.
> Could anyone tell me why this feature is not usable for NT clients, please.
> Is the protocol, the two windows versions use, so different, or is it the
> way in which the files must be offered.
> Is there any intention to offer this feature in a future release of SAMBA or
> is it possible
> to solve it by myself.
> Thanks for any reply,
> Stefan Hoechstetter
> Software Engineer
> Stefan.Hoechstetter at

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