Accessing files in a read-protected directory

Mattias Wingstedt wing at
Fri Jul 2 17:17:29 GMT 1999


I'm trying to use samba for an application where the windows client 
which accesses a directory it does not have read, but execute permission.
It should be possible to open but not list files. The reason is simple,
the security of the application is based on the filenames.

Now this seemed to work all right. I was able to start applications
that fetched files, eventhough they were unable to list the
directory. But today it suddenly stopped working. My windows applications,
word and wordpad, flatly refuse to fetch files given a \\host\share\file
path. They complain that they do not have permission on \\host\share. If I
mount \\host\share as g: it becomes possible to access the file as
g:\path, but this is not enough for my purposes.

The question is what might cause this behaviour and if it is possible to
do something about it. And if I could have done anything toa have
triggered the change in behaviour. Would it for example be possible to let
the client belive that \\host\share is an empty directory rather than a
directory it does not have access to? If so, where would I need to patch

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