patch for FILE: and NE??: "print to file" problems

Andy Bakun abakun at
Fri Jul 2 15:12:17 GMT 1999

Thanks for getting back to me.  I too have noticed that it's still making FILE: and NE??: files, but my users report that they have always been
getting file name prompts when printing to a file since I put applied this patch (before, they would only sometimes get the filename prompt, which was
wasting time, since they'd need to print three or four times trying to get it to prompt because the output would go into the NE??: or FILE: file if it
didn't prompt).

Dirk De Wachter wrote:

> Dear Andy,
> I tried your patch, but it seems it didn't resolve the problem. There
> are still NeXX: files being created, when printing to a networked
> (SMB) printer.
> This is on HPUX 10.20, samba 2.0.4b patched.

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