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Fri Jul 2 07:13:13 GMT 1999

At 12:20 02/07/99 +1000, Christopher R. Hertel wrote:
>> 1b pdc / dmb
>This isn't clear.  Is <DOMAIN>#1B the ID of the Domain Master Browser 
>*or* the PDC.

In MS NT4 Domains, the PDC is the DMB, by design, and MS clients are aware
of this. Two different functions, thus two different names, but it is
always an *unique* 1B name, theoretically held by an unique NetBIOS node,
whatever the NetBIOS name resolution method is t time. Whatever's the first
answer received to such a name query, the MS client assume it is valid for
both usages.

MS documentations seem to be mostly written by specialists in their very
own domain. Network browsing specialists refer to 1B as DMB, Domain
specialists as PDC. 

>Yes, I understand that NT doesn't distiguish (well, mostly).  We do.  

True :-) Samba does distinguish, but MS clients layers assume there is no
difference : they call on 
"BLAH           <1B>" when asking either for the PDC or the DMB. 

>Samba can be a DMB without being a PDC, so do we use 1B and does it not 
>cause any trouble?

It can : MS clients believing they belong to a MS domain will call a Samba
DMB as a PDC.

>I believe that 1B is DMB, so correct me if'n I've got my head up a walrus. 

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