Steffen Moser moser at
Sat Jul 3 08:42:01 GMT 1999


On 2 Jul 99, at 17:14, Pierre MONDIE wrote:

> In MS NT4 Domains, the PDC is the DMB, by design, and MS clients
> are aware of this. Two different functions, thus two different
> names, but it is always an *unique* 1B name, theoretically held by
> an unique NetBIOS node, whatever the NetBIOS name resolution method
> is t time. Whatever's the first answer received to such a name
> query, the MS client assume it is valid for both usages. 

There is also DOMAIN<1C> which contains the IP address of the 
PDC and the addresses of possible BDCs...

As far as I know DOMAIN<1D> is for LMB and DOMAIN<1B> is for 
DMB, but Windows Clients don't distinguish between PDC and 

There is an article in Microsoft's knowledge base which described 
the function of the registered names: Q119495


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