smbclient no longer respects the -p flag

Dan Kaminsky effugas at
Sun Jan 24 13:44:32 GMT 1999

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Sent: Sunday, January 24, 1999 5:09 AM
Subject: smbclient no longer respects the -p flag

>In the rush to get things out and convert smbclient to better code, we have
>eliminated the ability of smbclient to connect on ports other than 139.
>No big deal you say?  Well, lots of documentation claims that it listens to
>-p flag, and I wanted to use it to test out a SSL proxy for accessing Samba
>with SSL switched on, and found to my horror, it was ignored.
>Hacked back in now in a gentle way.  Will upload fixes in a couple of

Does Samba have anything in the way of a debian-style online bugtracking
system?  We need all individuals who commit patches that intentionally break
certain areas of functionality(-P) to submit them as serious bugs.  This way
things aren't forgotten, and we know, objectively, when to release.

Thanks, Richard.

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