Solution to my own problem (hacked together) use if looks good

Travis Loyd lelandg at
Sat Jan 23 16:12:33 GMT 1999

> What I do (since 60+ Samba servers with a good proportion multi-homed) is have 
> a little perl script - which runs nightly and parses ifconfig (my environemnt 
> is Solaris 2.5.1) and if more than one non-loopback interface (ignoring 
> "sub-interfaces - is this Sun jargon?) generate a conf file that is included 
> in the main one.
> The only snag I have found is that nmbd seems to have to be restarted to take 
> notice of this (Samba 1.9.18p10).  I am happy to reveal this script to anyone 
> - but it is quite easy to write :-).

ok so we both have solutions which parse out and reconfigure to accomidate
the change ... my only thought is that this is a commonly needed feature
that each admin shouldn't have to be writing, I expect scripts such as
these would be downloaded REGULARLY if they were posted at the samba web

people trying to find fixes for the dhcp IP changing such as myself and
search only to find the bootp dhcp patch are a little frustrated i imagine

1.9.18p10 & reguarding dhcpFix.tar.gz and the above

Travis Loyd

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