preexec; when to do it?

Jurgen Botz jurgen at
Fri Jan 22 20:10:31 GMT 1999

I currently have a use for preexec and after some experimenting I found
that it didn't work for me because it happened too late... specifically,
I was trying to "create" the final directory in the path, but in 
make_connection smbd tries to set this as the working directory before
running the preexec command and fails and errors out because the 
directory doesn't exist yet.  

To solve my specific problem I just move the relevant block of code up
a bit, but this is probably not a good general solution because for 
other uses we might very well want the share's path to be the working
directory when we execute the preexec command.  Still, I think my
situation is one that deserves a solution in the public code.  So,
what to do?  Add a "prepreexec" command? ;-)

- Jürgen

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