preexec; when to do it?

Greg Dickie greg at
Fri Jan 22 20:18:05 GMT 1999

Just a question. Does root preexec react the same way?


On 22-Jan-99 Jurgen Botz wrote:
> I currently have a use for preexec and after some experimenting I found
> that it didn't work for me because it happened too late... specifically,
> I was trying to "create" the final directory in the path, but in 
> make_connection smbd tries to set this as the working directory before
> running the preexec command and fails and errors out because the 
> directory doesn't exist yet.  
> To solve my specific problem I just move the relevant block of code up
> a bit, but this is probably not a good general solution because for 
> other uses we might very well want the share's path to be the working
> directory when we execute the preexec command.  Still, I think my
> situation is one that deserves a solution in the public code.  So,
> what to do?  Add a "prepreexec" command? ;-)
> - Jürgen

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