Solution to my own problem (hacked together) use if looks good to you.

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Now I recall that samba reads from (or in the version I currently have,
don't have the new version) the /etc/hosts file to find its current IP.

The tar.gz files I've attached are the same files I used on a slackware
distribution of linux to work with dhcpcd to change the IP address listed
in the /etc/hosts file each time dhcpcd gets new information about its IP.

I don't know if this should be built into samba as a configuration setting
so you can specify to watch eth0 or eth1 for the correct IP or if it
should be part of dhcpcd.

I believe samba holds some responsibility as far as unix clients go
because it is typical for a client on a windows network to be provided a
dynamic IP. Every Friday the network I am attached to goes down for back
up and often the IP be changed when everything is restored back to normal.
The /etc/hosts can not be expect to contain this dynamic IP (as my program
provides but just doesn't seem "right" to have to do).

If I am badly out of date I severly apologize for the critique.

The files use gawk as its scripting language (cause I was reading the info
files at the time) and is really a once-over for my particular system. If
however you are needing this same type of solution (as I suspect MANY do)
the files might be worth customizing. I've just customized them to Debian
Linux distribution and it didn't take much effort.

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