LDAP: seperated "ldap suffix" for machine accounts

Martin Hofbauer Bacher Systems EDV mh at bacher.at
Wed Jan 20 19:33:24 GMT 1999

LDAP Servers User DB is normally used for many purposes,
like mail,samba,...

Users are worried, when they see machine accounts in an e.g. Netscape
Mail addressbook query.I know you can select by using/not using special
ldap attributes. Helps also a lot for admin. things.

Is it possible to add an additional config entry like:

ldap machine suffix = ( e.g: ou=Machine,o=...,c=AT)
ldap user suffix = (e.g.: ou=Peoble,o=...,c=AT)

I  know there is the problem, that the uid must be unique ...

But, if you do not add the uid into the DN than the problem exist already
 with LDAP !


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