Does SMBdskattr in smbclient support large filesystems?

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Wed Jan 20 05:45:14 GMT 1999

> I was also confused by Luke's recent message in samba-cvs about not
> comitting changes to multiple branches - surely this includes bug fixes?
> I would have thought it was couth to commit bug fixes in all branches
> where the bug is present.

That can apply when the two branches are easily mergeable via
diff/patch. We've done that a few times.

I think that the merge this time will be quite a tricky affair
(Luckily Jeremy has volunteered to do it!) and will involve a lot of
manual merging. In this case I think it's fine to merge patches into
both branches so that the main tree doesn't get too far behind bug-fix

As Jeremy will be doing the merge he might like to contradict me :)

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