Midnight Commander and SMB

Andrew Tridgell tridge at samba.org
Fri Jan 8 23:36:33 GMT 1999

> ugly/dangerous but addictive...

yeah, I know what you mean. It was a lot of fun getting it going :)

> after reading the PORTING document in the smbwrapper directory, I
> wanted to try it out with different protocols all at once

if you want multiple protocols then check out:


It would be cute to unify the smbwrapper stuff with the MC VFS work to
form a suite of user-space filesystems that can be loaded with
LD_PRELOAD. I discussed this a bit with Miklos, Pavel and Miguel when
I did the smbwrapper stuff but we haven't actually done anything to
make it happen. Damn thesis :(

> I'm not sure then who's bug this is :) for some reason,
> gnome-metadata.c:144 is calling mkdir() with a NULL pointer
> for the first argument. This doesn't cause a problem under
> normal circumstances (?)

That is a gnome bug, I bet it will segv under some OSes. To work
around it I've changed smbw_path() to return 0 in the case of a null

Thanks for tracking this down. Let me know if you find any more like

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