Samba config tool

Anders Hedstrom Anders.Hedstrom at
Wed Feb 10 12:50:49 GMT 1999

A little bit about myself first of all. I'm working
with industrial application design (control systems),
and am also systems admin at our home office.
We've been using samba for years, with no glitches.

After failing to find an easy to install & use webbased
tool to edit the smb.conf file, I started writing my own.
(Maybe I didn't look hard enough, I just wanted an excuse
to do some fun coding) ;)

It is now a working tool, which I am using on our (two)
file servers, and which I will bring along with me to
my customers. It simplifies a lot.

I thought some of you guys might want to take a look
at it before I post it to the general public, and
maybe if you find it good enough, link me from your
GUI page.

More info can be found at

Please send me any comments.

Anders Hedstrom

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