SERIOUS BUG: loosing files if hard quota exceeded (or disk full (?))

Stefan Nehlsen stn at
Wed Feb 10 10:55:39 GMT 1999

I noticed a very nasty problem regarding using samba and having
write errors.

We use samba-1.9.18p3 on Solaris 2.51 and NT4.0 SP3 Clients, but
I don't think it depends much on on this special versions.

Because Windows clients (and users :-) are not able to handle a
soft quota in the right way we set up soft quota == hard quota for our
samba shares.

One of our users hit the hardquota when copying a tree of html-documents
over an existing older version using the explorer. After that some some
files have been copied, some where truncated and some where empty (also

I wasn't able to reproduce the problem with the trucated files but
I recognised the following:

If you copy a file to server to overwrite an older version of it and
an write error happens (hard quota exceeded or disk full) the file
will be deleted. If you copy more then one file to the server this behavior
will free space for later copied files which will be quite confusing
for users.

I don't know what happens if you run out of disk space on a NT-Server,
but that can't be the right behaviour:

1. writing a new version to the server
2. getting an error message
3. having no version of the file on the server

"quota support" in samba means that the soft block quota is reported which
would be nice if somebody ask for it.

Testing a little with linux and samba 2.0.0 at home shows me that samba
always reports the "user soft block quota" even if there is a "group soft
block quota" which is lower.

Solaris sucks because it doesn't have group quota at all and you have to
create an extra user for each shared share and use "force user". 


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