SERIOUS BUG: loosing files if hard quota exceeded (or disk full (?))

Stefan Nehlsen stn at
Mon Feb 22 10:37:49 GMT 1999

> I noticed a very nasty problem regarding using samba and having
> write errors.

Because there was absolutely no reaction I try again.

We got some problems here when a user was reaching his block hard quota.

If smbd is writing to a file and there is no more disk space available,
smbd reports an error to the client and the file is truncated.

I think this is normal unix behaviour, but it's not compatible to
windows users.

( Solaris 2.5.1 will report the real filesize, but Linux reports
  the wanted filesize stored in the inode even if du reports 0 blocks ! )

How does NT behave if it is running out of diskspace?

This is not really a bug, but it is difficult to handle and Windows
users ( and Windows applications) will not understand it.

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