runaway smbd in samba-2.0.1

Matthew Geier matthew at
Sat Feb 6 21:03:29 GMT 1999

> On Sun, 7 Feb 1999, Todd Pfaff wrote:
> > i just upgraded a solaris 2.5 system from 2.0.0 to 2.0.1 and i'm getting a
> > runaway smbd process looping on:
> > 
> > waitid(P_PID, 9132, 0xEFFFD240, WEXITED|WTRAPPED) Err#10 ECHILD
> Similarly, on solaris 2.6 and on hpux 10.20, 2.0.1 won't release the
> netlogon share, requests duplicate logons, doesn't process the logon
> script, and then drives the load through the roof.  I know this is
> anecdotal, and not real helpful for debugging, but I'm still putting out
> the fires.
 Similar result for me. Didnt test to far (did a remote upgrade on a weekend)
but my own (remote) pc made multiple connections to netlogon and didnt 
run the scripts, and I noticed some one else (in a supposedly empty building)
caused the same effect. They went to a different PC in the same room and
tried  on that one as well, leaving 2 sets of connections to the netlogon

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