Useful features?

Nicolas Williams Nicolas.Williams at
Fri Feb 5 23:30:43 GMT 1999

Here's a list of features I'd like to see Samba implement in the future
which I hope are simple enough to implement:

 - %{<variable>} syntax in 'include' parameters of Samba config files.
   This would allow the use of environment variables in in include paths.

 - a 'source environment' parameter specifying a command to execute (as
   nobody?) whose output should be <variable>=<value> variable
   assignments, one to a line, which Samba processes would then install
   in their environment.

 - meaningful preexec command exit codes. For example, if a preexec
   command exist with an exit code of 2 smbd should decline the user
   access to the given share/service.

 - allow %{<variable>} token expansion in more configuration parameters.

 - allow the inclusion of a default, embedded smb.conf, at configure/
   compile time.

 - command-line arguments for nmbd which allow the command-line
   configuration of:

    - netbios name
    - netbios aliases
    - wins server
    - workgroup
    - interfaces	(if given then set 'bind interfaces only' = true)


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