Filename and path length restrictions under Win95 and WinNT vs

Andrew Tridgell tridge at
Sat Feb 6 01:35:38 GMT 1999

> However, I recall seeing someone's suggestion that Samba truncated these
> things.

If Samba ever silently truncates filenames then that is a serious
bug. Please give a reproducible test case (preferably using smbclient)
so we can fix it.

If Samba receives a filename that is too long for some internal limit
then it should:

1) if it is a directory listing, it should be mangled or not displayed
2) if it is a name from a client than it should give an error.

The error I would expect to see is:

	    DEBUG(0,("ERROR: string overflow by %d in safe_strcpy [%.50s]\n",
		     len-maxlength, src));

or similar.

> Can anyone give me the definitive values for the above?

see my other post

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