Host announcements oddities and Samba :-)

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Tue Feb 2 02:38:18 GMT 1999

Hi all,

while trying to pad out the chapter on local subnet browsing (oops, I mean,
sound knowledgable ... :-) I was investigating what happens during host
announcements and browser elections.

I notice that 

	Windows 95 announces as Server, Workstation, WfW, Win95+
	My Windows NT server announces Server, Workstation, 
		                        Windows NT Workstation,
					    Domain Controller
	Samba announces as Server, Workstation, Print Queue Server
			      Xenix Server, Windows NT Workstation 
			      Windows NT Server

What is interesting is that the Samba server has:

    domain logons = yes
    encrypt passwords = yes
    smbpasswd file = ...

Why is it announcing as a Xenix server and why is it not claiming to be a
Domain Controller?

Is NetMon broken?

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