Samba Directory Services, was Re: take on future events

Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton lkcl at
Mon Feb 1 16:53:58 GMT 1999

On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, Dan Kaminsky wrote:

> >> Services within the SMB system that already exists.  MS has given its
> >> clients the ability to connect to multiple servers from a single director
> >> using DFS, or Distributed File Systems.  The main flaw in the NT
> >> implementation of this is that you can only run a single DFS off a given
> >> host, and that the DFS's can only be one directory deep.  To illustrate:
> >
> >single point of failure and all that.
> WINS *is* single point of failure, remember?  :-)  WINS server goes down,

WINS is independent of DFS.  my "evil plans" i mentioned earlier were to
put a "round-robin" or similar response into samba WINS service in order
to provide multiple indentical smbd servers under the same NetBIOS name,
all of which should provide DFS-root points (and no other file-shares).

first, get DFS referrals working.

> What does Nigel's code do?

don't know, it's in samba-bugs inbox somewhere, let's have a look...  hm,
can't find it...

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