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>> Services within the SMB system that already exists.  MS has given its
>> clients the ability to connect to multiple servers from a single director
>> using DFS, or Distributed File Systems.  The main flaw in the NT
>> implementation of this is that you can only run a single DFS off a given
>> host, and that the DFS's can only be one directory deep.  To illustrate:
>single point of failure and all that.

WINS *is* single point of failure, remember?  :-)  WINS server goes down,
there's nothing to replace it--that's what the other thread is all about.
What I'm saying here is, screw workgroups, they aren't configurable by the
server.  Lets allow arbitrary directories.

>dan, are you a programmer?  if so, can we dig out nigel william's code and
>hand it to you to take the hard-coded stuff and read from config file

I'm a UI designer, slowly acquanting my self with the Samba source so I can
hack in the generic print queue support I need.  I wrote all the stuff at .

What does Nigel's code do?

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