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On 01-Feb-99 Dan Kaminsky wrote:
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>>Dan Kaminsky wrote:
>>> Maybe we could use the same file, NFS mounted.
>>> This would, of course, require that only one nmbd
>>> would have or need write access at a given time.
>>They way I understand WINS replication, it is more like a
>>mutual update thing. Between different server. I didn't think
>>it was like DNS primary and secondary servers.  Am I wrong
>>on this?
> I was operating under the assumption that we'd be replicating for stability,
> not for load distribution.  In that case only one server would be updating
> at a given time.
> How stable is nmbd if the database file changes under its nose?

Wouldn't the NFS server then become the single point of failure? Don't get me
wrong I like the master/standby thing.


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