roaming profile problems with Samba 2.06

Richard Sharpe sharpe at
Tue Dec 28 01:23:30 GMT 1999

At 03:40 AM 12/28/99 +1100, Steven.Gordon at wrote:
>I tried adding:
>but it didn't help.  I don't use "encrypted" passwords because I still have
>some Windows95 machines on the network, and they can't deal with encrypted

Are you sure that Win 95 can't deal with Encrypted passwords?

I run a Win 95 950B system here (under VMware :-), and it deals with
encrypted passwords quite well, and I do not have the vredir upgrade

While I may be wrong, I think that Win95 of all versions can deal with
encrypted passwords.

One way to check is to grab Ethereal ( and grab a trace of a
Win95 box trying to log onto a Samba server that uses encrypted passwords,
and then look at the sessionsetupandX request to see whether or not the
password is plaintext or encrypted?

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