Domain-Master-Browser will not work!

Stephan Lauffer lauffer at
Mon Dec 20 18:17:12 GMT 1999

Hi Luke - you´re a great help!

> > One thing is unclearly described... specially in "Using Samba"...
> > Page 120;
> > "If you have a domain master browser in a subnet, a local master browser is
> > not needed".
> i hate it when this happens.  it's not true.

Oh, great! This would be clear some problems... :)
Nothing is more badly than wrong infos!

> > If this is right, the DMB should be recogniced as normal LMB for clients
> > in the same subnet of the DMB. Or am i wrong?
> wrong.  sorry.  functionally, the two are totally separate.  TYPICALLY,
> the two [DMB and LMB] are implemented on the same "host", in this case
> nmbd.
ok, then i can set up my smb.conf for MAIL1 (DMB..) like this...
domain master = yes
preferred master = yes
local master = yes
os level = 64
wins support = no
wins server =

> it would help if you thought of these as totally different programs with
> totally different configuration files.
No problem... i only was confused because of the info from the samba book... :)

But there´re still three question which should be answered - (it would be great)!

First of all - why isn´t there an entry for the master browser here:
dump workgroup on subnet  UNICAST_SUBNET: netmask=
   LINUX-AG(1) current master browser = UNKNOWN
       MAIL1 40019a23 (Mailserver PH-Fr.)
Mail1 is LMB and DMB... and, the NT-WINS-Server, has recorded 
Mail1 as DMB:
nmblookup -R -U Linux-AG#1b 
Got a positive name query response from ( ) Linux-AG<1b>

About every 30 seconds the DMB anounce in log.nmb "announce_myself_to_
domain_master_browser" but there´s no message like this "Samba ... is now a domain
master browser".

Every minutes a LMB wants to synchronize (think so) his browsing list and the log.nmb
of Mail1 (DMB) contains this:
"Local master announce made to us from ... and we are not a domain master browser"
Hm... this is a littel mysteries.

Luke, I know it´s a lot i want to know, but i would be very glad if you
ore someone else can help me! (Maybe it´s only a problem in 2.0.6?)
Tomorrow I´ll make some tests with other samba releases.

Liebe Gruesse,
Stephan Lauffer

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