Broken "dfree command" in Samba 2.0.5a

Colin Dean Colin.Dean at
Mon Dec 20 16:16:15 GMT 1999


The "dfree command" option in smb.conf is ignored by Samba 2.0.5a,
despite being documented in "man smb.conf".


Although still referenced in param/loadparm.c, the "dfree command"
setting is no longer used (it did work at Samba 1.9.18, where it
was picked up by function disk_free() in server.c).

This is show-stopping on our site, where we export shares from a
symbolic link farm in the root filesystem, which itself only has
a few 10s of MBytes free.  The symbolic links point to other
filesystems with variable amounts of free space.

We've always used:

	dfree command = /usr/local/etc/smb.dfree

with a script looking like:

	#! /bin/sh
	# "dfree" script for Samba, to fake nearly 2 GBytes free,
	# intended to avoid problems with multiple filesystems
	# visible as one drive.

	echo "2097100 2097000"

Having upgraded our 8 Samba servers to Samba 2, users can no longer
save large files, because we can't get Samba to fake the free space

It looks like the source code in this area has been rearranged quite
a lot, so I'm reluctant to try to hack the functionality back in for

As there's no mention of this in the 2.0.6 changes list, I assume the
behaviour there is the same as with 2.0.5a.

Dr Colin Dean
I.T. Group
Smallworldwide plc

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