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Jeremy Allison jeremy at
Sat Dec 18 07:47:23 GMT 1999

Hi all, 

	I'm still in Japan, reading some email
over a *horrible* connection. Full trip
report when I get back.....

Luke, I know you don't mean you're trying to
deliberately make the code obscure. You do that
well enough without trying... :-) :-).

No, seriously, I know you don't mean it. You
should also realize that you could get a job
with Cobalt/Realm/NetMax/Veritas etc. etc. in
a heartbeat - you'd just need to conform to
some American corporate practices. That's the
real problem :-). You know it, and I know it :-).
You know. Work 9-5, attend staff meetings, that
sort of thing :-).

Dan, don't take Luke at face value. Once you
get to know him better you'll realize his bark is
worse than his bite. Luke has the best
interests of Samba at heart, and always has. You just
need to read *through* his email sometimes, that's
all :-).

Luke, if you *really* want mega-bucks for this stuff then call
me when I get back, you need to get some job interviews

Can't spend too long now, JLA are about to have this
net connection pulled at the conference.......

More when I get back,


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